Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back and Forward

 My name Ben DiBello and at the end of every month I post on Cole and Evan’s Blog about what happened in the month and what will happen in the upcoming month. This is my first post on Cole and Evan’s Blog, also this is the last day of 2014 so I will do a brief 2014 wrap up. This December many movies came out including The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug, Night at The Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Unbroken, Annie and Exodus: Gods and Kings. Another movie that sort of came out this December was The Interview though it was not an amazing movie it was a big deal because of the fact that it was a comedy about North Korea. After all that has happened it is available for purchase on the Google Play Store. December is usually about Holidays with Christmas, (See more January Holidays at ) Ahead in January I expect Obama will re-adress the issue with North Korea (The Interview). By the end of January we will know our Super Bowl finalists. My predictions are The Seattle Seahawks vs. The Green bay Packers. As of 2014 there have been many big events in 2014. The top ten are very debatable, but in my opinion the biggest event of 2014 was the Ebola outbreak. Even though Ebola is no longer officially in the US it is still a large problem in Africa. (See more about the top ten events of 2014 here and here. I am excited for January and 2015, check out more of my posts at Ben DiBello’s Blog at on this blog everyday I will post a joke and a celebrity birthdays I put video’s and other fun stuff. My next post will be January 31st 2015.

-Benjamin Anthony DiBello

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